"I offer you my health, my beauty, my intelligence and my aptitudes that are nothing but a granting from God to my soul that visits this body." (Nínawa Daher)

What has been the reason of the brand of Nínawa
Nínawa Daher dreamt of being a respected woman for her intelligence and her values.
She dreamt of building a journalism with values, recovering the family, the ethics and the spirituality in times where she found it sometimes hard or little favorable in a society field such as the one we live at nowadays.
Owner of an inner and external beauty that distinguished her, she always lived felling that her beauty, her health, her intelligence and her abilities was just a simple granting from God to her soul that lived in her body.
Strong in her convictions, passionate and unyielding, she made her way and very fast she gained the affection and respect of her partners and of a public remarkably heterogeneous regarding the ages of the people that followed her.
Nothing could be a better tribute to the wish, the suitability and the passion that moved her life than generating an example to the young people who followed her and that were increasing even more in the last time.
It seems that it is worth to be taken into account that the young people needed of a space of respect for their values, their family and their physical, moral and spiritual integrity are more than we think they are.
Nínawa Daher
A mixing of intelligent beauty and genuine innocence, updated religiousness, respected journalist and with convictions that is still popular.
Full of love for the other, of easy smile, with an open hart, generous in each gesture, she imposed a style that can still compete in the media of communication.
She showed that the ethics, the moral principles, the defense of the family, the convictions and respect for the others have audience.
She showed that spirituality, good manners, the respect for women, for life, for the health, for the illness and the equal opportunities have not gone out of style.
Nínawa Daher Foundation recovers her name to make it last in time just as she dreamt about.
Through the charity to the street children.
Through the attention to the children with special abilities.
Through the care for women, her health and her social, physical and psychological integrity.